Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orange Yellow and Red

Bob and I were up talking and just hanging out until about 3 in the morning Tuesday night which meant a long day the next day for the both of us.  It was strange because we normally go to bed at about 10 but for some reason neither of us could sleep.  When bob was setting the alarm to get up at about 6 I told him he should just take a sick day and sleep in.  But he didn't want to which meant that I couldn't get a sick day and just lay in bed while he took care of the kids.  It was sweet of him to surprise me with flowers when he did get home.  I love the autumn colors and think flowers are one of the easiest things to get pretty pictures of.
Some highlights for my day today include:
sleeping in till 8:30
yoga class at 9:30
helping Penelope walk around in the sunny backyard while Tucker jumped on the trampoline

My not favorite things about today include:
cleaning the house with freezing feet
using the kitchen tongs to fish one of bob's pocket knives out of the toilet because tucker dropped it in after he pooped but before he flushed; only to end up flushing it down myself.


DerrK said...

Oh man! Yeah for the highlights and sorry but I had to laugh at the not so fun part. Beautiful flowers!

Lorraine Butler said...

Thank you so much for making me laugh! Sometimes I envy you young girls' lives; sometimes I don't.

Michael and Denise said...

You make me laugh!