Saturday, October 23, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner

Last night Bob and I went over to a friends house to solve the murder of Hal Capone.  It was a murder mystery dinner party.  I was Molly M. Awbsterr a society dame from New York who moved to Chicago for a good time and bob was Billy "the Kid" Thrower a Chicago baseball pitcher.  The whole story took place in 1928 during prohibition.  It was my first time doing one of these and I really liked it.  The host family was really into which just made it even more fun.  I wasn't able to figure out the crime nor did bob or I commit the murder.  I think now that I know how it goes i would be a little better at it next time.


DerrK said...

I had a blast! I too think if I did it again it would go better. :) I love the shot of Garret.

Voices of the Graves said...

Love the pictures. I think in the first one I couldn't really tell it was you. Looks like you had fun.

Martin said...

I got this same set for my girlfriend last Christmas. I guessed myself. I think we would be better if we were to do a mystery again. We did not really understand the rules.

Love the pictures!

The Abel family said...

Doranda, did you get me a copy? I want to try this one. And while you are at it, I want to borrow the costume too :)