Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give thanks

We have been working on this trukey for about the past two weeks.  How it works is everyday we color a feather and write on it one thing we are thankful for.  Our turkey has a lot of feathers. 
We have a lot to be thankful for but here is just a short list of the things that made it onto the turkey.  Have fun guessing who wrote what.
  1.  scooting
  2. spiderman
  3. milk
  4. job
  5. help walking
  6. a working car
  7. husband and kids
  8. prayer
  9. toy dinosaur
  10. family
  11. new boots
  12. more milk
  13. wool socks
  14. bananas
  15. slippers
  16. bows
  17. washing hands
  18. toys
  19. sword
  20. sleep
  21. flowers
  22. peanut butter
  23. atonement
  24. freedom
  25. superhero cape
  26. country
  27. electricity
  28. health
  29. mom
  30. play kitchen
  31. snow days
  32. primary
  33. friday
  34. everything
We have been having a good time in the snow the past couple of days.  Yesterday work got canceled for Bob so we all just stayed home and played.  Here is his snowman.
We were lucky to only loose our power for a couple of hours on Monday night.  It only took bob two hours to get home from work which seemed like forever but I know others were stuck much longer.
I am wearing my new Eskimo coat!  I think I have had way too much hot chocolate over the past couple of days.  I really liked just sitting on the porch swing drinking it while watching Tucker play in the snow.
 He loved sledding.

He goes a lot faster when we push him.  But I had to hold the camera.  If your wondering why there is no pictures of Penelope in the snow its because it is much easier to play outside when she is sleeping.

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