Sunday, November 14, 2010

just dance II

ATTENTION: If you work with bob please close this now and do not read the rest of the post.  And definitely do not I repeat DO NOT watch the videos.  he has expressed to me his embarrassment and concern that if any of his coworkers see this they are going to make fun of him.  To those who laugh and make fun i say come over and try it out I promise you will have a good time and look absolutely ridiculous.

Although I was originally going to wait until Christmas, I broke down and we went out and bought the wii game just dance II.  It is so fun.  It has got to be the most active game out there and the funnest.  We could only play about 5 songs at a time before we were all tired and hot and smelly.  It is a pretty good work out.  This new one has different settings like duet, and Simon says.  I posted a couple of videos, but you have to remember that this is our first time dancing to these songs so we haven't done the moves before and we have no idea what is coming next.

This video was my favorite.  Notice my new pink wiimote?

This is a medley of the rest of the songs I videoed.


Anna said...

so are you all supposed to be doing the same thing????? THAT WAS SO FUNNY!

The Abel family said...

You know Doranda spends all day practicing in front of the mirror, so she looks good before videoing these to put up for all of us to see:)

DerrK said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's awesome! Invite us over to play or come over here.