Saturday, November 13, 2010

Andy's Visit

We are glad that Andy was able to come visit us since we haven't seen him since before he left for his mission over two years ago.  Yesterday we got the chance to ride the ferry over to Seattle to do some sight seeing.  It was funny because after we parked and then rushed all the way to the ferry terminal the ferry was late, and I noticed that one of Penelope's shoes was missing so Bob was nice enough to run almost all the way back to our car where it was sitting outside.  While on the ferry we got to see some seals and of course the beautiful Seattle skyline.
One of the first places we went after we got to Seattle was the Athenian Inn.  It is a restaurant they ate at during the movie Sleepless in Seattle.  We ate upstairs and had a great view of the water.  I didn't really like my fish and chips but Bob said that his clam chowder soup was the best part of the trip.
Tucker said he had two favorite things in Seattle.
One was this tin man.  It is a street performer who painted himself all silver then he stands really still so he looks like a statue.  He then moves around and has a whistle in his mouth to make himself look like a robot.  He have Tucker a piece of candy so I think that is why he liked him so much.  His other favorite was the troll.
We have been reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff with him so the idea of seeing a troll under a bridge was pretty cool to him.   I liked the troll also and we have never seen it before.  I think the reason is because it is not really within walking distance.  We had to ride the bus.
We had to stop by the famous space needle.  We also walked around the market a bunch and got my favorite donuts.  Then I wanted to stop at the first ever Starbucks for a hot Chocolate.
Here is Andy in one of the ally's.  My favorite part of the trip was the gum wall. 
I am surprised I've never heard of it before because it it right behind the market.  It is not too well known.  It was so cool and gross at the same time.  Imagine a huge wall completely covered in gum.  there were so many colors and even little gum designs.  In some places the gum was at least 3 layers thick.  We each had to add our own addition.

Everyone really enjoyed Andy's visit.  Tucker loved playing with him and kept wanted to hold his hand all through Seattle.  Penelope shocked all of us when she let Andy hold her and I was even standing right in eye shot.  Here is a video of Tucker and Andy Playing.

We also had a lot of fun playing the new Just Dance 2 game.  Videos of that will be coming soon.


Anna said...

he got to hold penelope!! That is crazy!

DerrK said...

The gum wall looks absolutely disgusting! haha And I'll have to remember the Three Billy Goats before we take L to the troll.