Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Site Seeing

Bob's younger brother Andy recently got back from his mission and is coming out to visit us.  I am excited because when people come visit us that means we get to go sight seeing.  We are going to go to Seattle one day and I know there is a lot to see and do there that I haven't done before.  It is sad, but we rarely go.  When we do go we usually just go and walk through the market, maybe look at the space needle and come back.  This time I want to go to the Fremont bridge to see the troll that is under it.  I was wondering if anyone had any places they knew about that we shouldn't miss.  Preferably things that are free or cheap. 


Michael and Denise said...

The Ballard locks are free. I haven't been since I was 12, but I liked them then.

Sara said...

Have you ever scene the "Seattle Bubble Gum Wall"? It's at the Pike's Place Market but it is little known. It's free to see and a strange oddity that everyone should see. Google it!

Doug and Jacquelyn said...

After you leave Seattle, or you can make a seperate trip, drive across a floating bridge like I-90, then see the Temple Grounds, then go to Snoqualmie Falls, and you can take a short hike to the bottom. The Falls are tremendous right now with a high volume flow of water going over the clifts.