Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sometimes while teaching Tucker it feels like things aren't sinking in.  We have been slowly working on numbers and the alphabet for a while now and he doesn't really seem to be picking it up.  That is why I was pleasently surprised to have walked into the kitchen today and see this.
The letters are out of order but he managed to pick out all the letters magnets in his name, take them off the fridge and move them to the dishwasher.  He is really good at the letter "T" and he knows that it starts his name, but I didn't know he had any idea about the other letters that are in his name.  For a while every time he saw a T he thought the word was Tucker.  It is great to see progress! 

I worked on some more bows last night while Bob was on a scout camp out.  These are all the ones I made so far.  Notice the lovely bow holder?  A friend made it for me, and it's great, but I think I need to try to make another one because Penelope's bows don't fit on it anymore.

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DerrK said...

Go Tucker! It's amazing how we don't think the kids are listening, but then they do something like this. Feels Good!

And I was gonna ask if you made the hair holder last night?! I thought about making one today, but had other things on the agenda. Looks great!