Friday, December 3, 2010

Physical Therapy

Today was Penelope's first day of physical therapy and it went pretty well.  We went to Holly Ridge, a place that specializes in the development of children under the age of three.  Since it was our first time they just did an evaluation. I was worried that Penelope would just cry and not do anything because everyone was watching her but luckily it didn't come to that.  We went into a room full of toys and three of their developmental people were in the room with us and watcher her for the entire hour.  They would ask me questions and tell me to try to get her to do certain things.  I think Penelope did a very good job and showing them what she can do.  Tucker also did good, he just played with the toys and had fun doing it.  They agreed that she is only behind in the gross motor skills and they recommend that we do weekly in home therapy.  They were very understanding and told me that I can decide how much I think she needs or if I think she even needs it at all.  They didn't do very much therapy this time but they did give me a few good ideas of ways to practice with her.  Penelope has improved just in the past two days.  She learned how to get off of her stomach and onto her bottom so she can scoot.  It was kinda funny because I think she sat up in bed and couldn't figure out how to lay back down.  I wanted her to play it out so I didn't help her.  She cried for a few minutes and then I think she fell asleep sitting up because when I went to get her she was sitting and very sleeping looking.  She also has started trying to crawl a little bit.
I love how she has one of her side teeth before the front two.  It was actually her first tooth on the top.


Talitha and John said...

good luck Penelope, I am sure every thing will turn out great!

Swift family said...

Glad that it went well. Ethan also saw a physical therapist for an assessment when he was about that age, but then we moved to New York and we were never able to do any of the therapy appointments. He eventually caught up with no problems and is our most active child now. Also, we heard to slow movers end up being the smartest!