Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Physical Therapy

This morning Penelope and I headed over to her physical therapy group.  This was our third time and I think it is going pretty well.  The nurse was talking about how much improvement she has made in just the three weeks we have been attending.  First she is much better at standing up and getting back down.  She loves to stand and hold on to the couch and then bend down to pick things up.  that is a skill that was hard for her for a long time.  she can now also sit down when she wants to.  She used to have the problem that once she started standing she was kind of stuck there until we helped her get down.  She can also walk along side of the couch or bench.  And the nurse said she does a good job shifting her weight back and forth which means she is not too far away from walking.  

I'm not sure how much I posted on the blog before but if you didn't know we decided to do group physical therapy once a week instead of home visits every other week.    The evaluators think that Penelope is not very far behind and doesn't really need the in home visits.  My hope is that we can get her caught up as much as possible before we leave and then maybe she wont need it when we come back.  The Holly Ridge Physical Therapy place has asked the families to help them raise money so I am selling Taco Time coupon books for anyone who is interested.  There are $5 worth of coupons in a book and the books only cost $1 so let me know if you want one.

As far as the group goes, it kind of reminds me of nursery.  When we first get there they have different toys out and we just help and encourage the child to play for the first 30 minutes.  Today they had a platform type swing hanging from the ceiling.  it was cool.  Then we go over and do table time which so far has been either painting, play-dough, or a puzzle.  Next we do tactile time where they have different stations and things that feel different for the children to play with such as rice, fake snow, or koosh balls.  Then they do a snack time where the children practice using utensils and a real cup after that we finish it out with singing time.  It is pretty fun for Penelope.
Here she is scarfing down cheerios before we had to leave this morning.
She loves breakfast!

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