Monday, January 3, 2011


Yesterday was Tucker's first day of Sunbeams!
Here you can see he is holding his new scripture bag.  We gave them out to all the new sunbeams along with a gospel art book, the Book of Mormon, and the New Testament.  Tucker loves his bag and his new scriptures.  He likes to read them (or pretend to read them) and yesterday he was telling me not to bend or break his book because it is his.  We spent a good part of sacrament yesterday looking through his picture book, he wants me to explain all of the pictures.  Tucker also got his first CTR ring yesterday, he likes it so much that the whole time he was wearing it he would cover it with his other hand to make sure he didn't loose it.
Tucker did pretty good during primary too.  I was in there conducting so I was able to sit with him for some of the time.  Actually i couldn't stand watching him turn around in his chair so I sat with him to help remind him to pay attention.  I think he did good for his first week.  There are only three sunbeams in his class and one of them is his good friend Gunner.  They kinda get each other worked up.  But I'm sure the teacher can handle it.
I can't believe how big Tucker is getting.  It is amazing to watch him grow.  I remember the first day we put him in nursery and how little he looked.  Bob and I kept spying on him because he was so cute sitting in those little chairs.  No he is big and very wiggly.

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Sarah said...

Tucker is so cute! Yesterday was Jackson's first day in primary too. It's crazy how big they are getting. I can't wait until Jackson gives his first talk in primary I am sure I will be balling!