Sunday, February 27, 2011

Church in Japan

They say that no matter where you go the church is the same.  i thought I would test that out being that we are now in japan.  Even though we went to an English branch things were a little different than what we are used to.  Yes, the beliefs and the gosple is the same, but there were a couple of differences.  The biggest one being the building.
That doorway was the entrance to the church building.  It was just on a street right in between the regular stores.
Not only was it in between the stores but it was above and below them.  If you look closely at the picture you can see a 3F on the sign.  That means 3rd floor.  But it wasn't just on the 3rd floor.  I started out squishing our family into a very small elevator up to the 7th floor where the primary met.  It felt weird sending tucker into the room and then leaving back into the elevator.  Penelope and i went down to the 6th floor where the Relief society and the nursery met.  After that meeting I headed down to the chapel in the 3rd floor and had Sunday school and Sacrament meeting. 

This was also my first time meeting in a branch.  It was smaller, but not tiny.  Most of the people live on base and are in the navy.  Everyone was really friendly.  It was funny because during sacrament meeting I was noticing how loud this ward is compared to our ward at home.  Bob and I like that because then we don't feel bad about our kids being noisey.  anyway, I was thinking out amazingly quiet and still Tucker was being.  He was sitting on the other side of Bob so i couldn't see him to well.  A couple minutes later Bob leaned over and told me that Tucker was sleeping.  Figures, the only time he is quiet and still is when he is sleeping or watching tv.  We must have really wore the kids out because it was only 11 and he has never done that before.  Penelope also slept during the hour it too us to get home.  that is another difference for us.  We rode the bus to church which cost more but puts us about 5 blocks away.  We decided to walk to the train to get home, i think it is about a mile walk so it took some time.  I might have to wear my vibrams to church next week ;-) just kidding.


DerrK said...

All the walking you are doing is tiring Tucker out. Maybe we should walk the kids before church so they can nap through sacrament meeting. LOL I bet Bob is all over wearing the vibrams to church. That is very very interesting the way church is set up there and the elevators would totally excite me to get to class.

The Abel family said...

Is there a mad rush to the elevators in between classes :) I can't imagine everyone trying to get from floor to floor for the different meetings. Unless of course most of them take the stairs.