Monday, February 28, 2011

Mall and trying to eat out

I met friends from back home at the mall yesterday morning so we could look around.  Unfortunately it was pouring down rain.  It is a short train ride away and about a half mile walk so we got dressed warm and trekked out there.  We met at Starbucks and I have never felt more at home in a coffee shop in my life.  Half of everything was in English and they even had kids books in English in the kids section.  It was a good spot to sit down and wait since we got there early.

This is the Daie Mall.  On one of the floors we found a real grocery store.  Bob and i had been wondering where everyone gets their food besides the tiny street markets.  Another fun thing about the mall is that a lot of cloths and things have English written on them but a lot of the time they don't make since or are just a really weird thing to put on a shirt.  I was able to find all of the things I wanted at the mall.  1. a bed roll, so Tucker can stop sleeping on the floor. 2. a broom and dustpan 3. a can opener and 4. a grater and 5. an umbrella.  The only bad thing was that I had to carry these things back to the train stop.  The mattress thing was a rectangle probably about 8 in thick and 2 feet by 3 feet.  It was a little awkward to get back but not too bad.

After bob got home we met with the apartment manager and got another key to our apartment and the wireless internet set up.  I am now blogging in bed and love it.

We want to eat out for dinners as much as we can so we can experience Japan.  The only bad thing is that we live in a tiny town outside of the bigger town and there are just a couple very small places to eat.  We walked past this place and decided to try it out.
It was a disaster!  The sign must say karaoke bar or something because that is what it was but on a very very small scale.  There was one guy in there singing something we couldn't understand. 

We tried to tell the lady that we wanted water but what she brought back was definitely not water.  It looked like water but i tasted it and it must have been some kind of alcohol. it was gross and bob and I quickly pushed them to the side.  when she came back we desperately tried to figure out the word for water but the closest thing we could say was ice.  She then made and x with her fingers and said alcohol and we were like yes, no alcohol.  After she brought what was water we randomly pointed at two things on the wall to order.  

We amazingly got french fries and this other thing.  It was some kind of fish and after I ate half of one I couldn't eat anymore.  We didn't know how to pay so we just started getting our coats on and she brought over the check.  we thought it would be 1000 but it was 15000 so I guess we paid for those drinks at the beginning also.  Although we did not order them.  While walking home we bought orange juice and chocopies from a small market on the street.

$20 later and still hungry we ride the elevator back up to our 3rd floor apartment.  We won't be eating at any of the small restaurants in Taura again.


Mary-Anne said...

Oh my goodness, well it sounds like you guys are having quite the adventure there in Japan! Hopefully things get a bit easier for you all. I think it's so cool you are able to do this.

Jasmin Rivas said...

Water is "Mizu" in Japanese.. Have fun and enjoy your time there. Anxious to hear about your trip. We miss you in Primary.
Sandy Rivas

DerrK said...

very brave to just point at something on the menu without knowing what it is. couldn't your translator tell you water in Japanese?

Bob said...

I swear I said "mizu" like five times. I also said miru, miza, and a bunch of other combination's. We have now memorized the word for water.

Bob said...
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