Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Better luck

The kids and I wanted to meet Bob at the mall to show him around and look through the stores again.  While at the train stop I met another American mom who has two kids who lives not only in our building but on our same floor.  She said I should feel free to come over any time.  It is nice to know that there is someone who lives nearby that can understand me. 

The mall was fun.  I really like the mall here.  The styles eveyone wears are different than at home but I like it.  lots an lots of leggings and skirts.  Most of the girls are wearing short skirts all the time with tights or leggings underneath and usually boots.  I want to get a bunch of cloths to wear for after I have the baby, but the sizes are different here and i can't try things on becuase what fits me now wont fit me later. 

I love the 100 yen store, it is just like one of my favorite stores back home, the Dollar store.  They have these stores everywhere.
Most places I've been have normal toilets and these kind too.  I will hold it all day before I have to use one of these.  And being pregnant like I am that is quit a feet.
For dinner we decided to eat at the same place bob went for lunch.  I think it is a much better system.  he goes out to lunch with someone at work who knows what they are doing then we all eat it again for dinner.  This was in the mall food 'patio' (not court).  It was pretty good.  It is hard to explain but on the right are just really good noodles and they taste like what they look like.  On the left is a thick pancake type thing but it is sort of eggy and on top is like a bbq sauce and what I think is shaved fish.
After dinner we walked through the grocery store again.  I wasn't quit ready for this picture so look at the cart instead of me.  It is awesome because the carts turn any direction!  I don't know if that makes sense but if you look at the cart they way it is I could move the entire thing to the left or right if I wanted.  it doesn't have to go front first like our carts do.  I was upset because somewhere penelope lost her/my bow in the mall.  it was one of my favorites. :-(
After the mall I walked the kids back home in the rain.  Bob rode his bike home and we raced.  he just barely beat us to where we get off the train.  But we only had to wait 2 minutes to get on the train.  We could have to wait up to 20 minutes.  So I think the bike is much faster.  Because we walk around so much it really stinks when it is rainy.  I think it is supposed to be rainy all week and next week too.  We will see.


DerrK said...

You finally got some decent food today! Things are looking up. I liked to see the toilet then the food. :)

Sara said...

Try eating at the "Red" Ramen shop right outside the main gate. Shawn and I liked the food!