Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We have been slacking on family home evening the past couple of weeks because Bob was working at night and I didn't really feel up to doing it by myself.  Anyway, last night was the first real one we had in a month and it was fun.  Bob taught a very simplified lesson on Jesus Christ and the Atonement.  We stressed that everyone makes mistakes even mommies and daddies, but that doesn't mean you aren't good.  And when we make a mistake we can say sorry and Jesus can help us make everything better again.  Tucker likes leading the songs and at the end we sang once there was a snowman, a song Penelope really likes.

For activity we played Don't Break the Ice.  I really love this game.  We played it growing up.  All you do is set it up by squeezing the ice cubes into the rink then you take turns hitting one cube out until someone makes the guy fall through the ice.  It is probably the only game we have that Tucker doesn't need any help at all on.  Candy land is also pretty simple but he would still need a helper for that.  I would recommend this game to anyone.
For refreshment we had cookie sandwiches. Ok, we actually just had cookies and then after the kids went to bed bob and I had the ice cream cookie sandwiches.  I think i am going to make another one in a little bit when the kids go down for their nap. Yum.

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DerrK said...

Don't Break the Ice is fun...I just hate putting it together. :) And WORD UP on those ice cream sandwich cookies. Have you ever had a Big Ed's? YUMMMMMMMMM