Sunday, February 6, 2011

It has been just over a year since we built our computer armoire and it took us until yesterday to get a chair for it.  I think it took so long because we couldn't decide what kind to get.  Our computer is right in our family room and it is on the carpet so I wasn't really thrilled about a traditional roller desk chair.  I also wanted something that could double as seating if people came over.  But over time I forgot about it and it wasn't until yesterday standing and bending over looking at the computer that I decided we really needed to go out and buy something new.  I also realized that I wanted something that more than one person could sit on so Bob and I could both look at the computer at the same time.  Here is what we got.
Just kidding.  This is what we have been using for the past year.  We bought it for about $10 years ago to go with the keyboard and just kind of moved it over to the computer when we had nothing to use.  It has got a nice slit down the middle and paint stains on it because I stood on it while painting the house.
This is what we really got.  It is big enough for me and Bob to sit next to each other and it has plenty of storage for blankets or whatever.  It is not really a chair, but in our situation an ottoman just seemed to fit better.  So far we love it.

I made a caramel brownie cake last night because I had a piece of one at a friends house and it was delicious.  I didn't have a recipe so I just put caramel, white chocolate chips and peanuts on top and in between.
 It turned out pretty tasty.

This morning was stake conference for us and I was planning on skipping it because bob has been working swing shift and I thought he wasn't going to get home until 3 am this morning.  meaning he would be tired and it is hard to sit quietly with the kids for 2 hours.  But we got lucky and Bob got taken off swing shift early so he didn't have to work yesterday.  No more excuses, we had to go.  The kids did well considering it is a lot to ask of them and I am glad we went.  Although I did notice a lot of people looking at tucker and smiling.  Or looking at him and then turning to the person next to them and whispering after which that person turns and looks.
I think he looks cute.  I asked him this morning to get his church cloths on and he came out like this.  I really love the tie under the shirt that is on backwards.  I was going to switch it around but he was so proud of himself I thought it would be better to just smile and tell him how happy I am that he got dressed all by himself.  I did ask him if he wanted me to turn his shirt around but he said no so I just let it go.  I think it is best if we don't correct kids all the time especially for things that don't make a difference.  He was happy and dressed so I was happy too.

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DerrK said...

Only comment on this one is GO TUCKER! (And way to deal with his pride mom.) teehee