Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tv time

I  let the kids watch one hour of tv every day.  I know everyone has different views on this but that is the rule in our house.  We do make exceptions to the rule, like if we want to watch a movie as a family or if the kids go somewhere and watch more over there.  I know that if we didn't have the rule things could get way out of control.  I'm sure Tucker would be perfectly happy watching tv nonstop all day.  And although that would make parenting much easier I know it isn't best for the kids.  Tucker is pretty funny when he watches because he gets into a zone.  Some kids play and watch tv at the same time, but not Tucker.  When the tv is on he is staring at it.  He will freeze wherever he is and it is like he can't even hear you.  I often have to turn the tv off to tell him something.  I've even seen him freeze mid-bite to watch tv.  This kind of behavior is exactly why it is important that I don't just let him watch tv all the time.  A few favorites we used to watch include super why, seseme street, word world, and clifford.  Lately I have been having them watch at night and since we don't have cable that means a dvd.  I told Tucker I'd watch with him and I did for about ten minutes, but that was about all I could handel of the elmo loves you dvd.  Instead I went and got the camera.  It was funnier to watch the kids then the show because Penelope climbed around the whole time and tucker just ignored her and stared at the tv.  At one point she even tried to sit on his face to get him to play with her.
 She wasn't successful.

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Bob said...

My son is a zombie.