Thursday, February 17, 2011


I wanted to follow up on the last post and say that we did make valentines even thought it was after valentines day.  Tucker really wanted to and I couldn't put it off any longer.  I would have liked to do it before or on the holiday but I think because the kids were sick I just couldn't find the time.  it was sweet when Tucker gave his to me because 'he likes me' and it went well with the letter of the week V.

On a completely unrelated note I just wanted to talk about how things went here yesterday.  I just had a really hard day.  you know one of those days when you feel like being a mom isn't fun at all. I seem to have more of these types of days while pregnant.  It started out with Tucker waking me up about an hour earlier than usual and me having a cold.  It went on with Penelope screaming as loud as she could for and hour, even though I was holding her.  The kids didn't nap well.  And it ended with Tucker screaming in time out for about 25 minutes before he became willing to try one bite of his mash potatoes.  I'm just glad today is going much better.  I actually got to exercise and take a shower.

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Sarah said...

I had the same kind of day yesterday! The kids got up really early, Danny had a board meeting last night so he was gone from 7am till about 8:30 pm. And the kids were crazy the whole day. I was telling him how being pregnant can make a long day seem so impossible. It seems like 3 kids is easier than 2 kids and a pregnant belly. But I guess we will find out soon if that's true! :)