Saturday, March 5, 2011

1st Japanese Cache

Friday I decided what better way to explore the area then to geocache.  There are several about 1 mile away from our apartment so I picked one that said it was in a local park.  I brought our GPS, pointless because it couldn't pick up any satellites. It was an easy one and there was a good hint so i was able to find the cache anyway.  the park wasn't any better than one much closer to our house.
One crazy thing about Japan is that the streets change from old to new within feet of each other.  We were walking down the street and I noticed this cemetery/shrine right across from the shell station.  It is barely noticeable.
 For dinner we ate at what has got to be my favorite place so far.  It was pretty good and tucker ordered the coolest pancakes I've ever seen.  They came with this chocolate crayon and directions on how to draw what is in Japan a very popular cartoon.
 Saw this at a bakery.  The bakeries here are delicious.
 Penelope got into some chocolate and we had to take a picture.


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