Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday was a rough morning. I gave the kids the wrong cereal and there was a whole lot of crying going on for several hours until we got out of the house.  I like that there are a bunch of hikes to do near our house but one thing that is harder in Japan is that we have no yard.  I can't send the kids out back to burn off some energy.  So we all walked down to a very small park I found that is very old but not even a half mile away.
I think I mostly understand this sign that was in front of the park.  No baseball, dogs ok, ?????, and no motorcycles.
I also have some pictures of our apartment so everyone can see where we have been living.
When you first walk in the door there is a small closet and then you see down the hall. The first door on the left is the bathroom.
This is what the bathroom looks like.  Notice anything missing?  That's right the toilet is not in here.  Should I still call it the bathroom?  I don't know.  But there is a combined washer dryer which I love.  it is nice not to have to switch the laundry although I wish i could read the buttons and know what I was doing.
The second door on the left is the toilet.  There is also a tiny sink in here.  Tucker loves it because he can reach it with no problems.  I like it too.
The first door on the right is the master bedroom. Nothing special.  the bed only has one pillow so Bob has been using the one on the couch and I don't think the bed is queen size either, just a little smaller.
Like the kids room?  We have bought a bed roll since i took this picture so Tucker sleeps on that and Penelope sleeps on this blanket folded over a couple of times.  The only hard part is that Penelope won't stay in be, she always gets out and tries to play.
 If you look right at the end of the hall you will see our dining room.  The balcony is on the left wall.
To the left of the dining room is the family room.  It has a flat screen and a dvd player. We have only used the tv to watch kids shows.  the remote even has a button that will turn the show to english if it is offered.  Which many of the kids shows are.
Behind the family room is the kitchen.  it is pretty small, but it works.  there is no dishwasher and the oven is about the size of a toaster over, which it also has.  The kitchen did come with pots and pans and a couple dishes.  We just had to buy some plastic dishes, a can opener, and a cheese grater.

I like our apartment because it is not that small and it is close to the train station. This is my first time living in an apartment with kids so I was worried about the noise but everyone I talked to said that they are pretty sound proof so I shouldn't worry about it.  I think most of the families that live here are American with maybe 1 or 2 Japanese families.


Mary-Anne said...

Your apartment looks pretty nice! That is so funny about the bathroom. I saw a bathroom like that (with no toilet) on House Hunters once and thought it was so weird!! Pretty funny. :)

Charlotte said...

Okay, so I may be WAY behind, but what are y'all doing in Japan? Moving, visiting? How long? haha I tried to back read some posts but I couldn't find it! Anyways, it looks fun!

Sarah said...

Your apartment is pretty cool and modern! You never know what to expect in another country... but I think you guys have a great place!

DerrK said...

Cute apartment. Definitely livable for a couple months.