Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Change of Plans

A few hours ago a coworker of bob's came knocking on the door and suggested we go home.  We have been thinking about it for the past couple days, and finally decided to leave.  Our flight is officially changed to this Friday.  It was kind of funny how it was easier for me to change the flight tonight than it was a month ago to add a baby onto the ticket.  I guess everyone understands that people want to get out of Japan.

We are going to try to get Bob on the same flight as us but I seriously doubt it is going to happen.  I needed to fly united because we previously bought round trip tickets through them.  the Friday flight only had about 5 seats left on it so we quickly changed ours.  Tomorrow at work Bob is going to figure out when he is coming home, and hopefully it will be soon.  There is no reason for him to be here once the carrier leaves.  It is looking like me and the kids are going to be on a packed 10 hour flight without bobs help.  We will only have two seats this time.  I'll be praying the kids sleep.

It's midnight here and the rest of the apartment is sleeping but I just couldn't.  I definitely had mixed feelings about going home.  i want to be safe, but there were more things I wanted to do and the chances of us every coming back to Japan are very low.  I definitely experienced a lot and had a ton of new experiences.  I am grateful that I was able to spend a whole month in a place so far away and so different from home.  Tomorrow I am going to risk the small amount of radiation exposure and see if anything is opened up in the mall to spend the rest of the yen I have. ;-)
 Bye Yokosuka!


Talitha and John said...

And you just stocked up on groceries... lol I guess it will be a smogusboard feast tonight! Whis you a good flight and I'll will be happy to see you home and safe!

Mary-Anne said...

Sorry that you have to cut your trip short, but glad you're going to be safe. Good luck on the flight home!

Sara said...

I am sorry things didn't turn out well for your trip. :(

FYI - The Narita airport had lots of shops with tons of Japanese stuff to buy. And none of it was more expensive then in towns. So if they are open you could spend your extra yen there.

Good Luck!

Bob said...
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