Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Last Day

I couldn't bring myself to stay in the apartment our last day in Japan.  We got up early, I couldn't sleep anyway, and headed out to the mall.  We wore 'ninja masks' because of the radation.  I have been wanting to try wearing one since we got here so it was the perfect chance.  they are very popular here even before the earthquake.  I would say about 1 out of every 10 people would be wearing one and even more now because of the radiation.  Everyone just wears it if they are slightly sick so they don't spread germs.  I think it is a great idea, but they do take some getting used to.
We got to the mall just after 9 and none of the stores were open yet.  But there was a line of about 50 people waiting to get into the grocery store.  The grocery store is on the bottom floor of the mall.  The grocery store was packed and ran out of a lot of things before noon which is when I headed over.  We hung out until 10 and then went and bought everything I thought about getting before.  Below is a portable dressing room.  This one just popped up in the hall of the mall.  I'm sure it wasn't there last week.
I want to see this movie, preferably in English.
 This is an example of a typical bed.  Everyone uses these instead of mattresses.
They had this open auditorium thing and i checked it all the time to see what kind of show was going on but I never ever saw anything/anyone on stage.
One thing I thought was strange about japan was that to cross a lot of the streets you have to walk up and over.  there are a bunch of pedestrian bridges.  I thought it was a hassel and the cars should just wait for the pedestrians but nobody else seemed to mind.

After the mall the kids took naps and we had our first scheduled black out.  For some reason I was thinking that when one of these black outs occurred I could always just watch a show on the internet or something. duh the wireless went out too so i couldn't do that.  I was bored for about an hour.  After bob got home we went over to Kamakura to see one more temple then back home.  We spent the night packing.  i couldn't sleep again. It is kind of hard to believe that we are going home.  Good news though, bob is coming with us, on the same flight!  That sure is going to help.  We are all packed now we just have some cleaning to do then we will catch a taxi to the bus on base that will take us to the airport.  I hear the airport is so crazy right now.  I hope we can still buy a few more things there.


DerrK said...

It is a bummer that you have to head home early, but under the circumstances I say it might be for the best. I am sure one of these days (maybe in the far future) you can make it back there. Have a safe flight. Glad to hear Bob gets to be a child tamer with you.

The Abel family said...

I am so glad Bob was able to come back with you. That would have been hard to have to come alone with the kids. BTW- That movie isn't wasn't worth getting all excited about :)