Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jet Lag

After over 20 hours of traveling we made it back and I can honestly say that the flight home went much better than the flight there.  We left our apartment at 9:30 Friday morning to catch our 5:45 flight and got to Seattle at 10:30 Friday morning.  It was kind of weird getting home earlier than we left but the hardest part was not getting a nights sleep.    During the two hour bus ride to the airport Tucker informed me he had to go to the bathroom so once we got there we had to leave Bob and Penelope with the luggage in search for the bathroom.  It was crazy because of how full the airport was of people.  Once we were done with the bathroom I couldn't find bob and without cell phones I was worried that we really were not going to be able to find each other.  Luckily he saw me and we headed over to a crazy long line.  The best part of the whole thing was when a worker pulled us out of the line when and took us straight over to a different counter cutting off about 100 people.  We had a couple of hours before the flight took off and got to once again do some shopping!  Tucker got a neat Ninja mask and we got some little Japanese trinkets, chopsticks, and souvenirs we wanted.  One last Japanese meal and we were on the flight.
Penelope liked to wear the headphones and also have her baby wear the headphones.

Our seats on the flight were nice because we had a wall in front of us instead of another row giving us a few more inches.  The first couple hours were rough because penelope got really tired and grumpy but still had a hard time falling asleep.  One of our tvs wasn't working so we sent tucker across the isle to sit next to a stranger.  hopefully she didn't mind him talking to her for a while.  about 4 or 5 hours in everyone got a nice nap.  We did try to drug the kids so they would sleep on the flight but the commissary was out of benadryl.  We were pretty desperate and bought what we thought was night time cold medicine but the box and directions were in Japanese.  I felt kind of bad giving the kids something that I wasn't sure what the box said but the kids turned out fine.  i don't think it really made a difference.

we have been hanging out at my parents house because I am not ready to go home yet.  It is hard because we weren't planing on being home yet.  bob has to go back to work sometime and things are going to need to get back to normal.  I still have a ton of Japanese things I want to post about so look for that in the next couple of days.  If it seems like this post is rushed it is because Bob is sitting next to me telling me to hurry up.  We are going to go look for a 'new' car.  We need something bigger before the baby comes.

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Maria Ash said...

Thanks for the update! Glad you are safe and had a good flight. Have fun shopping for your new car!