Sunday, March 20, 2011

Park and Shrine

I promised Tucker we would go to the park if he slept on the plane so yesterday we walked over to the elementary school.  he thinks 15 is a really big number so we told him we could stay for 15 minutes and he was happy about that.
Penelope did pretty well on the slide until she fell off once. After that she thought they were very scary.
Today we went to my parents ward but it didn't go very well. Because i couldn't sleep in the middle of the night I went out to the couch and watch tv and finished sleeping there.  Tucker woke up several times and Bob had to get up to help him before he woke the rest of the house up.  Nobody woke us up for church until 8:45 and church started at 9:30.  We were late, which wasn't a big deal but we all struggled the whole time.  I had to go into primary with tucker because he was just being sad and that is not like him at all.  Penelope wouldn't even think about going to nursery and it was hard to stay awake.  I am glad bob is able to take tomorrow off of work so we can still have another night to try to adjust.

I have more to post about Japan.  On our last night we went to another shrine.  We wanted to go to a giant Buddha but it was closed so we did this instead.
This was one of the bigger ones we saw. All of the stairs reminded me of something we would see on a movie.  Just like Kung Fu Panda.   It was funny because when we walked down the street to get here the power was out on the street and some of the restaurants had candles set up and were still trying to get people to come in and eat.  How did they cook the food?  We joked that since we didn't have time to go to the ninja restaurant like we wanted we could just eat in the dark instead.
We did get a chance to see a small Buddah.  And also a rock garden.  Unfortunately there were no designs in it at the time.  Bob and I were laughing at the sign at the information desk because it says to please call again.  There were no phones or any way to call.   I think they meant to please come back later.

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