Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Car

I had yesterdays post all ready to go but I couldn't figure out how to upload the video so it will have to wait untill I get home so I can use my nice big mac.  It is so much better than my tiny acer netbook.  Anyway, bob and I have spent the past couple days at my parents house buying a car.  We found two good deals online and went to look at them on Saturday unfortunately one wasn't there so we agreed to wait until Monday morning to look at it.  We did like the other one and think it was a good deal but we wanted to compare them both.  For some reason we ended up waiting until Tuesday aftnoon just to look at the car.  It was kind of frustrating sitting around my parents house not sure how long we were going to be waiting.  I am glad we waited though because the car was nicer and we got it for a much lower price than we could have gotten anywhere else.  I even called a place and asked if they would match the price and they said they can't go that low.

We got a 2010 White SEL Ford Flex with just under 23,000 miles on it. It is much bigger than our honda accord and definitely an upgrade.  The extra space was needed because we can't fit three car seats in our little honda.  Now we have 7 seats and plenty of room.  One of the best things about this car is that I can unlock the doors by pushing a button.  I know mostly all cars have this now but our car didn't and when you are carrying a baby, grocery, bags, whatever, it is really annoying to unlock the driver door and open it then unlock the other doors from inside the car. Now we just have to teach Tucker to get in and get buckled by himself and we will be set.  It has key less entry, heated seats, and can sync my ipod or phone.  It doesn't  have built in dvd players, a moon roof, or a backup cam like i wanted but i realized we can't afford those things in our car.  Not a big deal.  When my kids are grown up then I should be able to afford a car with all of the luxuries. 
It is so big and pretty and white!  So far I am very happy with it and can't wait till the kids wake up so I can drive it home.
I mentioned earlier that I wasn't happy about waiting so long to see the car.  I love the car and think we got a good price but I am not happy about our service.  If someone is thinking about buying a car from you don't you think the sales manager should drop it off in a timely manner?  Also this car has nice rims on it, and we didn't want to pay for them so we I had to take it back to the dealer today so they could put the factory wheels back on.  After i waited for about an hour they came out and told me they couldn't find the wheels so I should just keep these for now and they will change them later.  I don't mind keeping the nice wheels but I think they should  have checked before I went all the way down there and waited for them.  I probably would have been home by now if I didn't have to go back to the dealer to get the wheels changed.

Now I am going to go outside and try to set up the keypad and the seat memory so when i unlock it with my keys the seat goes to my settings.  I feel very fortunate and thankful that we were able to get a new car.  We have been saving up for a while and it feels good to finally get it.  I guess now we will start saving for years down the road when we need a bigger house.


Maria Ash said...

Love it!!!!

Bob said...

Ohh!!! So pretty. Too bad it's Doranda's :-)

Lorraine Butler said...

Good for you, Doranda. You have waited a long time for this. Enjoy the clicker!!

Anna said...

YAY!!! i am so glad you got it and you love it!!

Sarah said...

Looks pretty sweet guys! I bet it will make shopping trips that much more enjoyable with so much room to put things:)