Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finishing Touches

 I had to add a few personal touches to our new car.
I always wanted to get family decal stickers but have been waiting to get the new car first.  It was fun picking out each family members stick figure.  There weren't too many options for the dad guy but Bob seemed happy with whichever one I wanted.  Tucker on the other hand insisted on being the football guy.  Maybe he will grow into it.  I also have the baby's one all ready to put on.
I also had to add my byu-Idaho alumni license plate frame.  Got to represent :).

Yesterday I got to drive around the Honda because the dealer still needs to fix one seat track in the flex and bob took it in.  It was funny because the Honda never seemed that bad until now.  I got in it and everything just seemed old and not as comfy.  It was harder to bend down to get the kids buckled in and the radio wasn't as good either.  It is funny how I wanted a bigger car but I was fine driving around the Honda before but now I feel like I can't ever go back.  Kind of like if you live in a really small apartment and move into a big house you can't imagine how you used to fit in that small space.  That is how I now feel about the car.  It was worse because the car is dirty and still has a bunch of junk in it while the flex in nice and clean.  So far I am really happy with our car.

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