Sunday, March 6, 2011

Godzilla Park

Just in case  you missed it I made two posts yesterday. 

After church we headed over to Godzilla park in Kurihama.  It was about a 15 min train ride and i thought the park was supposed to be right out of the station but due to their disproportional maps we got lost.  It was really about a mile away.  With the help of strangers who can understand English we finally found it.  I should have learned by now that all the parks are really up on the mountain.  Because once we got there we had to walk 800 meters up.

The guy is literally putting the not in service sign on the train that takes people up right as we walk in.  Couldn't he see my tummy?

If you look in the very back center of the second photo you can see tiny stairs in the back, just know that we went higher and farther than that.
But of course there was a great view at the top.

The other parks we have been to in Japan have been lacking in the toys department but not this one.  The has got to be the funnest free park i've taken the kids too.
You can actually climb inside Godzilla and slide down his tail.  Tucker thought it was the best thing ever. 
They had a zip line.  I've never done a real one before.  It went semi fast, we each had to do it a few times.
I got my camera charger in the mail Saturday night (thanks mom).  That means it only took 6 days to get from Washington to Japan.  There was a sticker on the outside saying that they opened it and everything.  It is so nice to have my good camera back.  I missed it.
Hopefully we will have time to come back here again.  I don't think I can make it by myself so it will have to be on one of the very few days bob has off of work.
 We saw this shrine while we were lost going to the park and had to stop and look around.


Bob said...

I am excited to go back to the park to "watch Tucker" so he doesn't get hurt. aka so I can play too. I did get stuck once. Tucker couldn't make it up one of the plastic tubes, and when I went down to get him I got stuck for about 2 minutes. The tube was just smaller then the width of my shoulders. Definatly made for Japanese People.

DerrK said...

I bet L would love this park as well. COOL! Bob, don't be breaking Japanese plastic tubes.