Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow and Fire Hydrant

It was snowing for a good portion of yesterday morning.  i think the weather only got down to 2 degrees so nothing was sticking.  But I never thought I was going to see snow in Japan.  The only bad thing about the snow was that it was yucky outside so we pretty much stayed in the apartment all day.
I want to try to do something everyday we are in Japan so after Bob got home we got on the train and went out to eat.  We pretty much have to ride the train to get to anywhere, but it doesn't take very long.  After an ok dinner we got a couple of ok donuts from the mall.  I don't think their donuts are as good here.  And they have a lot of coffee flavored ones.  So I thought I was getting a caramel but it was really coffee and I didn't eat it.  I've noticed that at restaurants the prices are about the same or a little more than back home but the portion sizes are much smaller.

The man hole covers are pretty cool here.  The major towns have their own design so I will get a picture of the one here sometime.  This one i see around a lot and I think it is what they have instead of fire hydrants.
Everytime I see a cover with a fire engine on it there is a sign right next to it.
These ones are right outside of our apartment.

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