Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Reason We're Here

As most of you know Bob is a nuclear engineer and he works for the Government working on their carriers.  The United States has one Carrier 'the George Washington' stationed here in Japan and that is why people get sent out here to work on it.
Yesterday the kids and I met Bob just outside of base and I got a pass so I can go on the base by myself.  Now the kids and i can go on whenever we want we just can't go in or shop at the commissary.  But we can eat at any of the restaurants on base or go bowling or hang out at the gym or whatever.  I'm not sure how much I'll use it because it is kind of a walk to get to anywhere on base but i am glad I have the option.  Yesterday we had something I haven't had in a while, Taco Bell.  that is one of our family favorites and it was nice to eat something familiar for dinner. 
This is the carrier.  it is kind of funny because it seems like i can get closer to where Bob works here in Japan than  I can in America.  It was weird to be in Japan but walking around on base where most are American and everyone speaks English.  Base has everything, including housing and schools for the kids.  I bet a lot of people who live here for a long time spend their whole time on base.  Most of the people in our ward live on base so we will probably get to know some of them better in the next few weeks.

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Kari said...

Thanks for posting pictures of your apartment. My husband and I are coming to Yokosuka March 30 2011. I was looking at some typical 3 and 4 bedroom places. He will be working on base like your husband. Maybe we will see you on base!