Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Verny Park

I decided to take the kids on the train and over to Yokosuka for the morning.  There is a beautiful park called Verny Park right between the train station and the mall.  We found another geocahe and the kids had a good time playing.  It was nice and sunny out.
While walking to the mall I got a picture of two daycare workers.  I've seen them doing this several times before but it is hard to get pictures of people.  They push the kids around in these huge carts.  Usually there will be about 5 or 6 kids about Penelopes age in a cart and the kids just stand up and hold on.  I think it looks funny but bob thinks we should get one to cart our kids around.  They can't be easy to push.
At the mall I picked up some awesome glasses which I'll  have to post about later.  I also tried to eat what i thought was a breaded chicken sandwich for lunch but it was really fish.  They serve a ton of fish in Japan.  Then for dinner we walked down to the Family Mart and got a couple of microwave dinners.
They were good and a bunch of people were picking them up while we were at the store.  I think it is common to eat this type of thing for dinner.

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