Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plum Blossom Grove Take Two

It was beautiful out yesterday so I wanted to try the hike up to the plum blossoms again.  I promised Tucker we would find the toys.  I must have climbed up a gillion stairs holding Penelope and carrying the backpack.  I even decided to lug around my big camera just in case the flowers were open.  Luckily some of them were, but not all.  I think i only have the energy to make it up one more time so I am not going again until April when i am sure everything will be in blossom.  The cherry blossoms are a huge deal around here.  Even though I was completly exhausted I did get one picture that made it worth it.
The blossoms really are beautiful, I can't wait to go to the cherry blossom park in Tokyo.
I think I can get even better pictures next time when Bob comes with me.  Then he can watch the kids.
We climbed up a tower that had a really great view.  And missed a geocache that I am determined to find next time.
I know how to solve the graffiti in parks problem we have in America.  Just put all the parks at the top of mountains like they do in Japan.  No teenager is going to have the energy or think it is worth it to climb stairs for a half an hour to just to tag a jungle gym.  This park actually had a ninja course.
That evening we went out to one of the very popular raumen restaurants for dinner.  I am still disappointed with the portion sizes here.  and my dinner was just ok.  I think i just don't like Japanese food as much as American.  They have these statue guys around on blue street  I have no idea why.  I had to take a picture of this car for my family.  If you look closely you can see it is the 'Swift' car.


Anna said...

that park looks like the TV show Ninja warrior... just for kids!! that is awesome!

Bob said...

Yokosuka used to be a huge jazz city. People used to play jazz music on the streets, kinda like New Orleans. Hence the random statue people with saxaphones trumpets etc.

Lorraine Butler said...

So beautiful! Did your family fare well in the earthquake?