Thursday, April 7, 2011

1st time on the Potty

I just want to give a warning that this post might be TMI for some people.  Bob got after me for not posting about this when it happened a couple of days ago so when it happened again I thought I'd better post about it.  Penelope has been pretty good lately about telling us when she is popo.  She will even go as far as to say popo point at her bottom and go get a diaper.  It is actually pretty hilarious and Tucker cracks up every time she says it.  The other day she was making "the face" I I asked her if she was popo, she said no (mm mm while shaking her head back and forth) so I asked her if she wanted to go potty after which she headed toward the bathroom.  Kind of surprised I whipped out the potty seat and stuck her on it.  A couple minutes later she said she wanted down and believe it or not she had pooped in the potty.  Good job Penelope.  She did it again yesterday.  I don't think she is potty trained or anything.  We are actually not even going to start potty training for a while.  You can't really potty train someone who can't get on the potty, not even with a step.  This is just one step in the right direction and hopefully means that when the time comes potty training won't be too difficult.

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