Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Furlough

I didn't hear about this until yesterday but apparently there is a government furlough and about 800,000 government employees are going to be out of work starting Monday.  That includes the shipyard!  I don't know very much about it but as far as I understand the congressmen cannot agree on the budget and today was their last day to get it worked out.  Now all nonessential government employees have to stop working until they get the budget figured out.  That means starting Monday most shipyard employees along with many others aren't going to go to work and aren't going to get paid either.  This happened back in 1995 and it took 20something days to figure it out.  When that happened they did give back pay to all the employees but that is not expected to happen this time.  Luck would have it that Bob has been asked to work next week so he will get paid.  Here is a news article with more info.

It is so crazy how the government can just do this to people.  When bob got the job at the shipyard 2 and a half years ago everyone said it was good because government jobs are so stable.  Well that is not what I have seen so far.  First they just took away the cost of living pay raise we were told we would get and now this. It doesn't seem right that at a drop of a hat they can just say ok, now you can't work and we aren't going to pay you either?  Don't we have some kind of contract or something?

This really could have came at a better time for us, like right after I have the baby or maybe right before we bought a new car.  Even though Bob is going to be working there was a high chance he wasn't I am very glad that we have been following the churches council and have some savings along with food storage built up.  Even though our food storage is no where near a years worth it is some and I am glad we have it.  There are so many people bobs work who are going to have a hard time if this lasts more than a couple of days.  It can be really scary to just all of the sudden not get paid for an undetermined amount of time.


Bob said...

Well, I am lucky that I am going to be working, money is what keeps the kids feed and there hair red. But part of me just wants to stay home and work on the Garden, If it ever stopped raining!

Talitha and John said...

Well I am glad Bob is working to, but as for government jobs it's still a good deal! Lots of companys make big changes all the time with no no bonus, worse medical, no cola for them too, and much worse, even just close there doors, or take away your retierment right when getting ready to use it. overall goverment still has better then avarage bennifits and stabilty but it is awlays good to be prepared!