Thursday, April 14, 2011

BaBy no Name

This baby is coming in 4 weeks (hopefully) and we really need to come up with a name.  I know I joked about it before but it is time for us to seriously start getting ready.  I am hoping to have the baby on May 13th.  That will be Friday the 13th and my birthday is also on the 13th of a different month so it will make it easy to remember.  That is only 4 weeks away!  Bob and I have narrowed it down to a few names but we can't settle on one.  We are open to new ideas.  I just don't want it to be very common or one syllable.  It would also be nice if it is easily readable (you can sound it out without pronouncing it wrong) and a bonus if it doesn't end in an 'ee' sound or the 'er' sound.  Help please!  Any ideas?  I am not going to post our two main ideas on here because I am scared that you are going to hate it like you did with Buffy and not comment on it.

We need middle name ideas too and we want it to be a family name.  But we don't know very many of our ancestors names (recent or distant).  So all the family reading this please comment and give ideas.
Here I am at 35 weeks.  We haven't gotten any baby stuff out yet.  I think I will wait until I just have two more weeks because once I am completely ready for the baby the waiting is unbearable.


Bob said...

I was thinking Staccato Mamba. :-)

Laura Woestman said...

i think the name benny because it works for both boys and girls

Laura Woestman said...

OK - that Bennie Boo thing was from Ben not Laura Woestman. What happened to the idea of Liberty? Or Ashley or Isabelle or Emily or Elizabeth or Lizzy or Meredith or Lily or Olivia or Sondra or Cloe or Paige or Randi or Nicole or Myrah or Monica or Sydney or Julie or Luci.

Swift family said...

How about Joshuina?
If you do not like that, then maybe Mercedes, Israel, Isabel, Madeline, or Evelyn.

Ryan and Jules said...

How about Clea? Or some different spelling to it. It has a nice ring to it :)