Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday we got a chance to do some pre-garden gardening.  Bob borrowed a friends tiller so he was able to till up everything on Saturday.  And yesterday it was looking nice out so we decided for our family activity we would work outside.  It was mostly my idea although when the time came it started raining and I found myself just standing there staring at the garden not willing to do anything.  Bob on the other hand got straight to work.  He put the compost into the garden along with some top soil we bought.  He then preceded to make mounds and get everything ready to plant.
Bob is such a hard worker and I am so grateful for that.  Take yesterday for example, Bob got up at 5 so he would have time to run the 6 miles into work.  Where he then worked all day, rode the bus home, then walked from the bus stop to our house arriving at 5 pm.  That is 12 hours since he got up.  Then once he got home he worked on the garden and outside until almost 7.  That's when he came in. The kids and I only stayed out about 30 minutes.  It was wet and the kids and I didn't last that long working outside.   We just hung out in the house doing nothing. I really should have made dinner because by the time bob came in we were all starving.  he then drove us to go get pizza for dinner.  Sometimes I would be lost without him.  Good thing I am pregnant so I can at least pretend I am doing my share in our relationship.
I love our lilac trees and am happy that they are starting to bud.
I hate the dandelions.  We have a ton in our front yard.  I usually just go out and pull the heads off before they get a chance to seed.  We have a weed killer but it has to be in the upper 60s to work.  Until then I will try to just keep pulling them.  These ones popped up hours after I pulled all the ones in the yard.

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