Friday, April 29, 2011

Still Pregnant

I feel like I have been pregnant forever.  Luckily I only have two more weeks to go.  Who knows maybe it will be sooner, I am really hoping it isn't later.  This baby has been moving around like crazy inside me.  She keeps me up at night already.  I had a dream a few days ago that the baby broke my water by moving around so much.  i asked the doctor about it yesterday and apparently that can't really happen.  Penelope was much more calm inside me, I even went to the hospital once because she wasn't moving enough/at all.  She also carried much lower.  This pregnancy is just like my first one.  Very active and up in my ribs all the time.  Even the doctor said the baby is very high.  I hope this doesn't mean that the baby is going to act like tucker did as a newborn.  I love Tucker, but he was literally one million times harder to take care of as a baby than Penelope ever was.

Our bags are packed and in the car and we are ready to go.  Now the hard part of keeping the house clean just in case we have to leave and my mom or someone has to come to our house when we are at the hospital.
It is so hard being pregnant.  I don't understand anyone who claims otherwise.

Bob finally got a chance to mow the front yard yesterday and looks really good.  The grass was getting so long that I forgot how nice it can look.  It was funny because all week it has been nice in the morning so I kept thinking bob would be able to mow when he gets home but right about the time he would leave to come home from work it starts pouring outside.  I keep telling bob that I will mow it if we buy a new lawn mower, you know one of those self propelled ones to replace the free one we got two years ago off of craigslist,  but he insists we don't need it.

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Rachel said...

Good luck! I'm excited to see this cute girl, (you make some real cute babies!!) Here's to hoping that you feel her dropping sooner than later :)