Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hospital Stay and more Pics

I feel extremely limited with my small camera but i was able to snap a few more photos of Scarlett today.
Bob is so great with her.  it makes is much easier to have someone here I can hand the baby over to.  Although Bob did mention, and I have to agree, that it doesn't feel like we are doing very much.  So far she has been pretty sleepy.  Which is very very nice. Last night I heard a newborn in the room next door crying for hours and I just felt bad for the mom because I have definitely been there and it is tough.  It can be hard to take care of a more difficult baby when you yourself need to heal.
Right now bob is at walmart filling my pain prescriptions so they will be ready right when we get home.  We were told we are going to be discharged at 6 tonight so we will probably get home by 8.  In my past experience the hospital always takes longer than planned.  It will be nice to be able to sleep in our bed again, I know bob is pretty uncomfortable in his chair/bed.  I am not going to miss the nurses waking us up all the time, but I am going to miss all the yummy food.  At this hospital I can order room service from a menu whenever I want and I can get whatever i want.  It is great!  I think I've had about 4 Italian sodas and three jumbo cookies along with other yummy meals.  I'll probably sneak in some more food before we go home.
I was lucky to get a couple pictures of Scarlett with her eyes open.  She has beautiful dark blue eyes and reddish hair.  I think her eyes will lighten up and her hair will look more red when it gets a little thicker.  Right now it looks like it might not be red but I remember thinking that with my other kids and her hair color is exactly the same theirs was when they were born.  It seems like we are going to be one of those families where all the children look alike.  One difference is that she does have more hair than either Tucker or Penelope did when they were born.  Scarletts is a little thicker and more consistent all over her scalp.
I'm not sure if it is because this is my third baby or because of Scarlett, probably a little of both, but she has been doing a great job nursing.  She hasn't had a hard time latching on at all and that is something I definitely struggled with in the past.
I am very glad we are on the way out of the hospital instead of the way in.  We can't wait to take baby Scarlett home.


DerrK said...

You guys are lucky! Enjoy your own bed tonight. And you already have a bow in Scarlett's hair. Fabulous!

Lorraine Butler said...

It seems that you were born to be a mother! Congrats to you and your beautiful family.