Monday, May 16, 2011

Ikea Trip

Since we have another body in the house now we need to do some rearranging.  Scarlett has been sleeping in with bob and I but we will want to kick her out in a couple months and she will need a room to sleep in.  Our house has three bedrooms, the master, and two very small rooms. The two rooms are so tiny we can't fit two beds in them.  Solution... bunk beds!  Tucker and Penelope can share and Scarlett will take the crib in the room Penelope has been sleeping in.  Bob has been working on building the beds all week and today we made a trip out to Ikea to get mattresses.  The beds are a custom size and Ikea is the only store that carries mattresses that size.   Ikea is a little over an hour away for us and I was a little worried about taking all three kids all the way over but it wasn't too bad.  The kids were very quiet the most of the drive over and we just got to relax.  After about 30 minutes Penelope threw up all over herself in the car.  We literally had to pull over and I had to run into a gas station to ask for a garbage bag to put Penelope's cloths in.  We did not want to go back home so we had to find the nearest store to buy new cloths for her to wear.  The car smelled like throw up the rest of the time.  Luckily all three kids fell asleep on the drive home.
I love tiny little newborn feet.
Last night we read the beginning of Second Nephi with Tucker.  It was pretty funny because we were reading something about waking up the wicked and Tucker goes 'is that like with a kiss?'
Penelope in her new shirt.  She has been a little on the grumpy side lately.  I think it has to do with her not being the center of attention anymore.

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