Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Officail Newborn Photos

I finally got a chance to set up the room and take pictures of Scarlett.  It was very sunny yesterday so we were able to use natural light, which looks much better.
At first I was struggling because Scarlett was very tired but when I tried to move her around she would wake up and cry.  So I fed her, turned up the heat and tried again.  She slept for a couple hours without stirring, it was great.
After this picture I brought Bob in the house to see if he could find Scarlett.  It took him a couple of minutes.  And we both had a good laugh about it.
I wanted to dress her in red because of her name and because we have so many baby pictures of Penelope in pink I wanted something a little different.
 At least someone put this hat to good use.
Bob thinks she looks like she fell asleep praying in the picture.

I want to do a few more newborn photoshoots before she hits 2 weeks old so hopefully we will get more sunny days.  I am really happy with the pictures but can't decide my favorite.  Which is yours?


Mary-Anne said...

SO ADORABLE! She is an absolute doll! I wish I could hold her. I love newborn babies! I like the first one and the one on the bookshelf the best. SO CUTE!!!

Anna said...

i like the first one best :)

Michael and Denise said...

Thanks for letting us come visit you. All through lunch, the girls kept talking about "Baby Scarlett" and how she was "sleeping".