Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Penelope in Time Out

Every once in a while Penelope earns herself a time out.  usually it is for hitting.  I think she is so funny when she gets a time out because she doesn't seem to mind them at all.  She just sits quietly on the step wondering what is going on.  Then afterward she even gives hugs and says sorry without being prompted.  It is so cute I had to get a video of it.  I'm sure one day soon she will decide she doesn't like time outs but for now I am enjoying them. 

Tucker on the other hand always hated time outs from day one.  And as far as i can remember he got a lot more time outs than Penelope does.  They have been very effective for us over the past couple years.  Even though they are a hassle when Tucker tries to get up.

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