Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stork Express and More dancing

This week has been going by sooo slow for me.  I keep hoping/thinking I am going into labor when really nothing is happening.  I have to keep reminding myself that I still have a week and a half before my due date.  May 15th seems far away. 

Yesterday I had my Stork Express appointment at the hospital.  Basically I had to answer a ton of questions about my medical history and tell them what my pain threshold is and my plans for epidural.  I changed my answer from last time which was to see how it goes and then decide if I want an epidural to I definitely want an epidural.  What is the point of doing it without one if I have the option of being pain free.  Seems like a no brainier to me.  I also changed my answer from breastfeeding to breastfeeding and using formula.  So this time I will be able to get the nurses to give me some formula for the baby when she is not latching on at all and has been crying for the past couple of hours.  Last time they were very reluctant to give me any.  I also filled out the birth certificate as much as i could and still had to leave the name spot blank.  Bob and I will probably be forced into a decision after the baby is born.  One good thing is that they told my that they have written 'progresses rapidly' on my chart.  Last time it only took a couple of hours from when I arrived at the hospital.  I also found out that I was group b positive for my last pregnancy also.  I really don't remember that so sorry to everyone I lied to and told that I didn't have it before.  I guess I did.  As far as I understand it some people have it and some don't and it is only a concern for labor and delivery because the baby can get sick if she gets it.  Well, that is pretty much an update on that.  I have another doctors appointment later today.

Here is another vid of the kids dancing.  The floor moves are break dancing, which we encourage them to do.

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DerrK said...

Penelope was getting me dizzy. :) Go TUCKER Go TUCKER GO!