Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stork Pouch

I've seen a few newborn pictures of babies in a bag type thing called a stork pouch.  I really wanted one but didn't feel like I had enough time to buy one off of Etsy so I made one myself.  I used a knifty knitter loom and it only took a few hours.  It was very easy and I used yarn I already had so it was free. The pictures were a little hard to get because Bob was scared Scarlett was going to fall out and she kept crying when we lifted her up. On the second attempt we got a couple good ones.
Things have been going well here as our family has been adjusting to its newest member.  It is so nice having bob stay home from work.  I am going to be sad when he has to go back.  Bob gets up with Tucker and Penelope in the morning so Scarlett and I just stay in bed until 9 or 10.  It is great.  We have been having much needed beautiful sunny days making it possible for us to play outside and get all of the garden and yard work done.  Scarlett has still been waking up several times at night but she is only two weeks old.  I think in a couple more weeks she will be able to sleep longer at night.  And on a side note her umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday.
This picture is from our first try.  No wonder she kept crying, it looks very uncomfortable.


DerrK said...

I don't think I would have ever thought about taking a picture of a baby in a ball of yarn. Maybe that's why you are a photographer and I am not. But she is cute! Last picture makes me laugh!

Swift family said...

The pictures look great. That last one does look really uncomfortable.