Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two week check up

Today was Scarlett's two week appointment.  She is really about two and a half weeks old. I decided to bring all of the kids even though I knew it might be kind of difficult.  On the drive over I was talking to Tucker about how he needed to be extra good and not climb around or talk a lot because I needed to talk to the doctor.  It was cute because he was almost in tears when i told him Scarlett had to get a shot.  He was so scared for her and kept telling me he didn't want her to because it was going to hurt her and she was going to cry.  I explained how important it is to him and he calmed down before we arrived.  Penelope on the other hand got really scared when she saw the nurse and was upset the whole time.  She was trying to get away and clinging to me while crying.  If you've seen Penelope get upset you should know it was just a mild case for her.  She did semi-calm down with a toy.
Weight 8lbs 4oz  41%
Height 21 1/2 inches 79%
Head size 14 34%
I guess she is kind of long.  When her umbilical cord fell off bob and I noticed her belly button was sticking out a lot.  The doctor said that she has a hernia.  She said that it doesn't hurt and we don't need to do anything and that it will probably go away on its own by the time she is 4 or 5.  That is a long time.  You can see it poking out of her onesie in the picture below.


Kent and Krista Stevenson said...

Hey Doranda! I found your blog and I hope it is ok that I am following it now. I have a blog, but it is private. If you want an invitation email me at lud05001@hotmail.com to tell me your email. Christian also has an umbilical hernia. He was born with it and now at age 2 it is not any better. It is not anything to worry about but if it doesn't go away in a couple of years he will have to have surgery, so hopefully Scarlett's goes away soon. :)

DerrK said...

Audrey had an umbilical hernia too. She is almost three and it's gone. But I can still move some of her belly button and it's a hole. Kinda weird.