Monday, May 23, 2011

first day at home success

Bob went to work today so it was just me and the kids.  I knew this day would come and had been worried about it for a couple of days but now I can say that me taking care of three kids by myself is doable.  We all made it without anyone getting hurt.  I wouldn't say it was easy, just doable.  The hardest part was this morning when Scarlett was fussy from about 3 to 6:30 and then Tucker got up at 7:30.  I was so tired I just let him get in bed with me and watch cartoons while I slept for another hour.  We decided to go on our first outing without Bob and went to the park.
Scarlett slept the whole time and Tucker and Penelope did pretty good too.  The hardest part was definitely getting everyone in and out of the car.  Penelope tries to run away in parking lots, a very dangerous habit that we need to work on.
After a short time at the park we made a very quick trip to the library because I had two books on hold that I really needed to pick up.  I think when everyone is in a good mood short outings are not that bad.  We got home ate lunch and had nap time.  Even though Scarlett slept through most of nap time I couldn't fall asleep myself.  oh well.  Once Bob got home I felt like I could clean up the house a little, it was pretty bad, and get started on dinner.

In lieu of eating healthy we (bob) wanted to try this salad recipe from Dr. Oz.  It was mostly Jicama and Grapefruit.  And it did not taste very good.
I am a pretty good sport when it comes to food and will eat almost anything but this was just gross.  No one in our family could stomach more than a few bites.  With each bite it just got worse.  Since we didn't feel like making dinner again Bob is currently driving Tucker and Penelope to Little Ceasers to bring home pizza.

That is pretty much how my first day at home by myself with three kids went.


DerrK said...

You lived! And in your first day alone you managed 2 outtings...I think you'll be OK. And I am all over letting the kids catch up on cartoon time so Mom can grab a few extra minutes of snoozery. :)

Michael and Denise said...

Congratulations! Sorry your dinner didn't turn out. If you have leftover jicama, we have a recipe for a Fiesta Chicken salad that uses jicama. The dressing is mayonnaise based, so probably not approved by Dr. Oz, but it's yummy.