Saturday, June 4, 2011

Date Night

Last night was the first time Bob and I went on a date in a long time.  The last date I can remember was before we went to Japan.  We couldn't get a sitter in japan and things have been a little busy since we got back.  Then we had the baby and things got even crazier.  Sometimes it is hard to be 'Mom and Dad' and still be 'Husband and Wife.'  Especially with a new baby.  i really think it is important to date and am glad i was able to get a sitter to come over last night.  And Even more glad she was willing to watch all three kids. 

Bob and I took advantage of the nice weather and rode over to Subway and got subs to take to a small park.  It was right under the bridge and also near a geocache.  We ate, enjoyed the view and found a couple geocaches. 
We had to climb through the woods a little bit to find the first one.  We never found it.  I love it when on the description it says to 'look for the obvious' and we still can't find it.
We found one that I had went to before and then we found this little micro one.  Believe it or not but there is a tiny log inside of the magnet Bob is holding to sign.  three other people found this very one yesterday.  It is cool to read it and see who has been to the spot and when.
The view from the cache site.  There was a little bench and a place to sit down and relax.  Geocacheing is fun when it takes you to neat places.
One of the best parts about not having the kids is we can ride the scooter.  I love riding when it is nice out.  I think it has been about a year since the last time I rode it.

I am determined to not wait 4 months before the next date.


DerrK said...

Who took the picture of you and Bob on the scooter?

Doranda said...

A timer.

Mary-Anne said...

Fun! I love date nights. It's been awhile for us too. Hopefully we'll get to go on a real date soon.