Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hair Color

Yesterday I went down to Puyallup to get my hair colored and cut.  I went a little bit longer than I usually do so i had a significant amount of grow out.  I love how my hair feels and looks after a fresh color.  My sister did it by the way, that is why I go all the way down to Puyallup.  Not because she is my sister but because by sister is the best.  I also thickened up my bangs a little bit.  I still have mixed feelings bout my bangs because I grew up thinking I never wanted them but now I kinda like them.
I had the hardest time taking the picture of myself.  I tried just setting the camera on a chair and using the timer.  I even switched lenses about 5 times.  I couldn't get it to focus on my face so I even let tucker give it a try.  It was too hard for him so i reluctantly got out the tripod just to get a picture of my hair.
Tucker wanted me to take his picture to but when he looked at it on the computer he said we would need to do it again because his dinosaur wasn't looking.  Haha, he is so funny sometimes.

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DerrK said...

Ya know, I did notice that your hair looked lighter and your bangs were different. I just thought maybe because it had been a while since I've seen you. I didn't read your blog before we went out. haha Hair looks good! Next time go RED! :)