Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heidi and Jason's Wedding

Day three of our Oregon trip was the wedding.  The weather turned out perfect, it was sunny and warm but not too hot.  Bob held Scarlett during the ceremony and had time to take plenty of pictures because I got  to walk down the isle.
 There were more bridesmaids then groomsmen so Allison and I got to walk down at the same time.
Here you can see most of the bridesmaids.  I was worried about my dress because we picked out our own dresses and i knew I was going to be the only one with sleeves.  I even had to wear leggings under my dress because i couldn't find a black dress that had sleeves and was to the knee.  So I decided wearing leggings would look better than wearing a shirt under my dress.  I think my cloths stood out a little bit from the other girls but probably only to me, nobody said anything.  And after it was all said and done it didn't really matter.  
The colors were red black and white, a popular choice. 
I especially like the cake!  It was beautiful and delicious.  After the ceremony there was dinner, toasts, and dancing.  The wedding started at 3 and bob and I left just before 10.  There were still plenty of people there when we left.  While hanging out I got to visit with all of Heidi's relatives.  I think I did a pretty good job remembering them considering it has been about 10 years since I saw any of them.  Several came up to me talking about how small I was the last time they saw me.  I definitely recognized most of them but remembering who was who was way beyond me.
The wedding was fun but very different that what I am used to.  Obviously it was nothing like the ceremony Bob and I had in the temple and part of me thinks it would have been fun to have a big fancy wedding like this.  but then i tell bob what I am thinking and he says there is no way he would want to go through all of this and he much preferred our small intimate wedding.  The reception was also very different mainly because of the drinking.  I don't really hang out with people who drink, mostly because the only people I know I met at church.  So it was a little bit different finding glasses of water or juice to toast to when everyone else had whine.

I am really happy for Heidi, she seems so much more grown up than the last time I saw her over three years ago.  Right now she is probably in the Virgin Islands on her honeymoon.  I am going to try harder to keep in touch with her over the next couple years and I wouldn't be surprised if she has her own baby before too long.


Bob said...

I guess you have spent too much time at home with the kids, Cause the drink is spelled "wine", while all the kids do when you make these blog posts, and all other hours of the day, is "whine". :-)

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