Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Friday I went to my first ever wedding rehearsal.  It was a little tedious as we practiced walking in and out several times, but over all fun.  I could really feel everyone's excitement for the big event.
The wedding was at this beautiful resort in Redmond Oregon. Heidi and Jason literally got married on a deck over this huge canyon.  It was so pretty.  I kinda wish I had my vibrams on so I could attempt to go play in it.  
This is the view from the deck.  Although you can't really tell, these picture are at least 100 feet below the deck.
After the rehearsal we all went out for pizza.  This was the first time I really got to talk to Angela or Heidi in a couple years.  It was so nice to see them again.  Scarlett did pretty well the whole time.  Bob just hung out and held her the entire time.  he is so great. The next day we had some time before the wedding we went swimming and then headed over a little early.  We took some pictures while hanging out in the bridal suit.
This huge mirror was awesome.
It was a really pretty room.
This last one is me gazing out at the mountain.
I didn't realize before we went how woodsie Oregon was going to be. The whole drive over was evergreen trees and mountains.  It was a really nice peaceful drive.  It looked like we could just pull over anywhere and go hiking, camping, horseback riding, or kayaking.  I really like the area, maybe Bob and I will go back sometime.

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