Saturday, July 9, 2011

2 months

Aside from birth weight this is the first time Bob and I have had a baby over the 50th percentile!  I think Tucker was a little over when we was around 2 and 3 but our babies have all been born a good size and then quickly dropped down to lower than average size.  Especially Penelope who was somewhere around the first percentile. 

At two months
Weight 11lbs 7oz 66%
Height 23" 74%
Head Circumference 15" 32%

Ok so the head size is still small just like the other kids.  It totally makes sense because I was just telling bob how Scarlett eats longer than the other kids did.  It only took me 10 minutes to nurse Tucker and Penelope after they were a month old but Scarlett still eats for 15 to 20 minutes every time.  And I feed her every two hours.  The doctor said a two month old should go 3 to 4 hours between feedings.  So i decided to limit her to 2 and a half or longer and start to regain my life back.
I love love love love this picture.  She is so adorable.  I really can tell she is not a newborn anymore.
She can't hold her head up so high for long but she can do it and has been for about a week or so.


Sarah said...

I love that picture too it's so cute!

Anna said...

I LOVE the picture