Friday, July 8, 2011

Butterflies at Anna's Children's Park

Wednesday we went to the park for a kids activity.  It is called the children's park but you can't really see it from the road.  you have to park on the street and walk down to it.  When bob and I first moved here we wanted to take Tucker down there to play on the toys.  We walked around it for a while looking for the toys.  Finally we asked someone and they said that we should go to a different park for toys.  Why do they call it Children's park then?
 They taught the kids about Butterflies and then had a craft.
The ladies caught on right away that Tucker likes orange. He picked orange for ever aspect of his butterfly and toward the end they stopped asking and just gave him the orange stuff. It was funny.
Here the kids are flying their butterflies around.  Tucker's has gotten a lot of use and already the eyes fell off for the second time.
It really is a beautiful park. Once we were done Tucker asked if we can go to the park with no toys again someday.

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