Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farmers Market

Last week we went to the Farmers Market.  I was pretty disappointed because it was tiny.  There was probably only about 15 booths.  I've gone a few times to the one in Puyallup and they probably have a hundred or more booths so this seemed tiny.  I didn't really see anything I wanted to eat and since we were planning on eating at the park Bob took the car and ran and got pizza.  We had a little picnic in the field.
Tucker had a good time playing on the toys.
It was hilarious because Tucker made a little friend and that friend and was trying to 'help' Penelope go down the slide.  This of course scared Penelope more than anything so she wouldn't go and she just cried.  It was that time the other mom told her son to stop.  And he replied that he was just "training" her.  They must have a dog or something.
I've been to the Silverdale Market also and it was pretty much the same.  Does anyone know of any big ones around here?

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